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By | agosto 2, 2023

What you need to know before building a healthcare chatbot

Sweeping changes in artificial intelligence (AI) have been brought about in recent years, resulting in remarkable progress taking a number of forms, such as AI chatbots. ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a language model for dialogue. This chatbot,...

By | junio 20, 2023

Deploying a Flask-Powered SAP Conversational AI Chatbot on Amazon EC2

Intersections: Mathematics and the artificial intelligence chatbot But thanks to AI, companies can breeze through it and deliver accurate insights on consumer buying habits. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances, such things as self-driving cars, smartphone assistants, and smart...

By | junio 13, 2023

What is generative AI? Artificial intelligence that creates

Decoding the Codes: Difference between AI and Generative AI-TECHVIFY Whether you’re pondering deep questions about the nature of machine intelligence, or just trying to decide whether the time is right to use conversational AI in customer-facing applications, this context...

By | marzo 16, 2023

The Next Generation of Chatbot Is a Proactive Agent

Generative AI Knowledge Base Chatbot This is aimed more at those bots utilising NLU to determine the intent of the user’s input and respond accordingly. No matter what the purpose of your bot, make sure you know what it...

By | enero 6, 2023

Healthcare Chatbots: Telemedicine Benefits and Potential Impact on Patient Communication

A Chatbot is a computer program which enables us to make communication through our text or voice and get reply through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. A chatbot can be used in different applications like gaming, customer service and e-commerce...

By | diciembre 1, 2022

What is natural language processing with examples?

Natural Language Processing NLP Examples This is done by using NLP to understand what the customer needs based on the language they are using. This is then combined with deep learning technology to execute the routing. Online translators are...