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How to Have a Successful Board Room Meeting

The board room is where your organization’s most crucial decisions are made. Effective board meetings are vital to the success of your organization regardless of whether they lead to the development of a new strategy or stop you from making a costly mistake. A good boardroom etiquette, an knowledge of the parliamentary procedure and an ability to spark productive discussion are key.

A well-planned agenda for meetings is the basis for a successful board. It establishes the meeting’s goals and outlines the key issues to be discussed and guides the flow of the discussion. It lets the board discuss the most important issues within the meeting time. It also helps in the overall management of a company.

To begin the meeting, the presidency officer calls the meeting to order at the designated starting time and then begins to call the roll to ensure that the quorum of board members is present. The agenda and the previous minutes are approved after the attendance of all attendees has been counted. Then, the board goes over any unresolved old business and will discuss any other issues that were added to the agenda for this particular meeting. After these issues are addressed, the board is able to end the meeting.

To ensure a smooth boardroom, it is best to limit time spent on reports or «have to» items. This allows the board to devote a larger percentage of the meeting to discussing the strategic direction of the board and other important matters. The board can also cut down on the number of reports presented by asking the officers and committee chairs to provide only the most important information in a concise and brief report prior to the meeting.


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